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Taiko Sake 350th Anniversary
TAIKO 18 ── Hebi へび

Introducing the first limited edition anniversary sake set TAIKO 18 "Hebi へび" that is created by Hiroyuki Yoshikawa. This Junmai Daiginjo aims to achieve a modern sake taste but yet brewed with traditional handcraft skills. Using apple yeast to achieve a light, fruity, and dry finishing yet balance with the elegant rice flavor from Taiko’s home grown Yamadanishiki.
Enjoy the rich fruity aroma, refreshing and light taste of TAIKO 18 "Hebi へび" with TAIKO x Yamadanishiki Eggshell Sake Glass.

Taiko 18 *Hebi へび [Limited to 450 sets] while stocks last.

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Limited Edition


へび HEBI 純米大吟釀 清酒牛仔禮盒套裝

Hebi Junmai Daiginjo


Limited to only 450 sets, until sold out.

Taiko Sake 350th Anniversary Limited Edition Sake Box Set, including:

  • 1 x “へび Hebi” Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
  • 2 x “Kaori” ceramic sake glasses from the “Egg Shell” series produced by the famous Japanese Arita porcelain pottery brand call "YAMAHEIGAMA"
  • Denim gift box packaging

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100% Home Grown Yamadanishiki
SMV -14
Sushi and sashimi, used palate cleaner in between meals, and drink alone.

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Strict Selection of Natural Ingredients from Japan

Traditional hand-brewed sake

100% home grown Yamada Nishiki rice

Underground filtered water from Mt.Ibuki

Fresh delivery from Japan

Taiko Sake Tasting

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The sake tasting section will be guided by Mr. Hiro Yoshikawa, sharing the history of sake brewing philosophy and the traditional way of Sake Making, together with Miss Sake HK & Sake Sommelier, Ms. Candace Poon to guide you through the sake tasting experience. The tasting experience will include about 6 types of Taiko Sake paired with Japanese otsumami snacks.
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