About Taiko Sake

Located at the foot of Mt. Ibuki Since 1672

The sake brand name is call "Taiko" is because the family wants to praise the beauty of Shiga prefecture’s landmark Biwako and give thanks to it for providing an important habitat. To this day, Taiko Sake, continues to work with his team to develop high quality handcrafted sake and strives to improve the recipe that can keep up with time.

Respect for Nature and Family Traditions

Taiko Sake regards nature as a treasure and attaches great importance to nature’s precious resources. By adhering to the brewing process of our ancestors and following the perseverance of traditional Japanese craftsmen, we carefully brew high-quality sake to show the charm of Japanese sake and spread the traditional brewing culture. We hope that consumer can appreciate the beauty of nature and way of human’s craftmanship while enjoying the Taiko Sake.

Taiko Sake combines underground filtered water from the melting snow of Mt. Ibuki and the blessings of the natural resources from Biwa Lake to produce top-quality sake.

Traditional hand-brewed sake

Taiko sake is proud to inherit the Japanese national brewing craftsmanship, and create high-quality authentic sake that is carefully brewed with the highest quality ingredients.

King of Sake Rice - Homegrown "Yamada Nishiki”

100% self-grown sake rice, using the highest grade "Yamada Nishiki" known as the "King of Sake Rice". The size range of "Shinpaku" reaches 50%, which makes Taiko Sake with a unique and rich rice aroma, elegant and mellow taste , smooth and delicate.

Underground Filtered Water from Mt.Ibuki

Taiko Sake brewery directly extracts underground water from the Ibuki Mountain. Ibuki Mountain is the source of the highest quality water in the Kansai region. the water has been naturally filtered for about 60 years, is rich in minerals, giving Taiko sake its unique taste.

Fresh Sake Deliver from Japan Monthly

To ensure that sake arrives at the best quality and temperature, we use refrigerated air freight to deliver sake from our Japan brewery to Hong Kong, once ordered is placed, sake can be delivered to your home within 2 business days.

350 Years of Sake Brewing History

We have devoted ourselves to improving the sake brewing formula and has launched a variety of top-quality sake over the pass 350 years.